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{June 30, 2009}   BREAK OUT OF THE HABITS

Does this happen to you?

 -have weekend binges?

-weekend crash diets

-continuously trying to all different type of FAD diets?

-binge a few times a week?

-over exercise due to over eating

-think about food all the time


Well all of this are bad habits,you need to stop having the same cycle need to do something different to produce different results. Why do something that you know will make you feel guilty, or bad? Then don’t repeat it again.


Get rid of that little voice which says to you “ you have already stuffed up now so you might as well eat more” these are negative affirmations you have just said to yourself and you have made yourself to believe in that stronghold you have created which then in turn leads you to act upon what you have said without realizing. So therefore the more you say to yourself you don’t want something the likelihood of happening is high. Rather saying all these negative affirmations, replace them with the goals you want to accomplish because it is a reminder for you to keep yourself on track.

Remember to WOOSH-IT!


{June 29, 2009}   Hello world!

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